Houlton Boys off to strong start

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The Houlton Shiretowners boys basketball team is off to a strong start to the season. They are at the top of Class C. Before the season they had to tackle a pretty tall task: replace a six foot eight inch center.


It's a lot more difficult because now we have to worry about rebounding a lot more and we don't have a big shot blocker to scare people away so we have to take charges and play really good helpside defense.

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Not having that inside presence, the Shires have relied on the emergence of an outside game


We worked inside a lot last year and now this year we're working more outside because we have a lot of shooters, so inside game needs improvement but the outside game is pretty well.

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Houlton started off the season with a series of blowouts, but then the Class B Presque Isle wildcats came to Alumni gymnasium where the Shires picked up a hard fought win


That was pretty nice to beat them finally. Presque Isle is a good team and we needed to work hard to beat them and we did, we worked hard, we fought and we came out with the win.

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The Presque Isle game also put Class C on notice: Keegan Gentle is a force to be reckoned with. The junior poured in 32 points. Last year he relied on driving to the rim, but in the offseason who worked hard to progress his game.


Mostly my jumpshot because a lot of teams know that I like to get to the rim, so I've been trying to work on my jumpshot, so it makes my attacking even easier.

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The season hasn't been a cakewalk, they were taught a harsh lesson at the hands of the Caribou Vikings where they lost be 14 points.


Yeah, I mean we have to work a little on our defense, offensively we get a little stagnant, gotta get in a few more sets and have a little more flow to our offense but that'll come.

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Although they came up short, Gentle thinks this team has what it takes, but still has work to do.


I think we have all the talent to go far just gotta learn how to use it.

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Their in first place now, and like Gentle says, they learn how to use that talent, look out Class C.