Houlton Cheerleaders ready for States

The Houlton Cheerleaders will look for another strong performance when they take the mat at the State Class C Championship on Saturday in Augusta. The Shiretowners have had a busy few weeks because they had to change part of their routine.
(Brittany Fitzpatrick):"Our pyramid we had to change because we had points taken off so we had to change that a little bit."

(Taylor Cowan):" We have done a lot of picking apart and learning new things. Jumping and stunts."

The Shiretowners have six seniors on the team this year. The squad has been putting in a lot of hours as they prepare for another State Championship appearance. Makenzie Fitzpatrick says the team works very well together

(Makenzie Fitzpatrick):" We have a really good team this year. Everybody on the team gets along and we all love each other .We work together really really well."

(Kate Smith):" I enjoy Cheerleading because of the team work. I don't really like running that much but flying is great. I love flying. I like stretching tumbling and I like seeing people's reactions to what we do that amazes people."

This is Tessa Solomon's first year as a cheerleader. She played basketball earlier in her career. She says he is glad that she decided to become a cheerleader, and said it was a tough adjustment

(Tessa Solomon):" You use different body parts and I found myself in our first run through and was like wow I am really out of breath right now. That is kind of crazy. The work they put into it and the love they have for it is crazy."

The Shiretowners placed second at the Aroostook League Championship, and had strong performances at both the PVC and Regional' s. They are now focused on the States and looking to wow the crowd and bring them to their feet.

Fitzpatrick:" We have been very consistent during our competitions. I think with the hard work we have been doing we can place higher than other years."

Cowan:" The reaction the performance and just the feeling of everybody's vibes."

The state cheering is in Augusta. The Class A and D Championships start at 10 am and the Class B and C Championships will be at 2 pm