Houlton Shiretowners are four time Regional Champions

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The four time defending Regional Champion Houlton Shiretowners play for the Class C State title on Saturday. Coach Shawn Graham says this group of seniors has accomplished a lot during their High School careers.

(Shawn Graham):" We have got three girls on this team who will be making their fourth State appearance. Once again it is a testament to their hard work over the years and their teammates as well."

The Shiretowners were tested during the Northern Regional Tournament winning defensive struggles against Central and Dexter

Graham:" We are used to getting up and down the floor in a transition game and both Central and Dexter both had exceptional game plans and tried to slow us down. Dexter tried to work the clock taking two minutes off each time they had the ball and that bothered us as well. It turned into a defensive battle and I was very pleased with our defense as well."

It has been quite a run for the three seniors on the team Kristin Graham, Aspen Flewelling and Kolleen Bouchard have won 82 out of 87 games regular season and tournament games and also won two PVC Championship games during their four year careers.

(Aspen Flewelling):" It is pretty awesome i think playing together since second grade has played a pretty big factor in our success."

(Kolleen Bouchard):" We are battle tested with our hard schedule and games in the tournament and I think we have a lot to show."

Graham says that just like the Shiretowners Monmouth likes to get out in the open court and run.

Graham:" Monmouth likes to run 9 or 10 girls in and out and they like to get up and down the floor."

The Shires also like to get out in the open court and that will be the game plan again as they go for their third State Championship in four years.

Graham:" Work the ball be a little more patient and get a good shot and at the same time we are going to run when it presents itself."