Houlton girls looking for third straight title

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HOULTON, Me (WAGM) - The Houton girls will battle for their third straight Gold Ball on Friday night in Augusta. The Shiretowners and Gray New Gloucester will play for the Class B title. Graham says it should be a great match up

Shawn Graham):"We are playing an extremely talented team. We played them in the pre-season and they beat up on us pretty good. They got most of the team coming back from last year, but at the same time I think we are much improved. That was three months ago when we played. We have had a chance to work on a lot of things work some kinks out and I think we are ready to go."

The Shiretowners suffered just one loss on the season and Graham says that every night was a battle and a hard fought game

Graham:" Even during the season Class B basketball was so good this year. I felt going in that six or seven teams could have won it. We had a lot of games this year that three four five points and overtime games. In the tournament all three games we were really tested."

The Shires had to change their rotation before the tournament. Kristen Graham went down with a knee injury in the final game of the season and meant other players had to step up and contribute. Kolleen Bouchard says everyone who played made a contribution to the victories.

(Kolleen Bouchard)::Came together as a team because every single person who was playing at that moment and in the close game with Hermon made it happen. Aspen made the play and free throws and everyone came together and made some play that we needed to win the game. It has been an all around team effort.

Graham:"We had a little over a week to move some girls around both offensively and defensively and figure out a new rotation. There's times when there has been a little confusion, but for the most part we got it together and got it figured out."

Rylee Warman is one of the Seniors on the team. She will be wearing the Shires uniform for the final time on Friday night at 6pm

(Rylee Warman):"The last three years have been more than incredible It will be upsetting, but hopefully go out with a nice win.