Houlton girls ready for the playoffs

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 10:11 AM EST
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The Houlton Lady Shiretowners are an experienced team that's had to face a lot of adversity this season. Daveosn Perez caught up with the squad as they prepare to end the regular season and enter tournament play in February.

The Houlton Lady Shiretowners are playoff headed to the playoffs.

As the regular season comes to a close...the Shiretowners are among the top 8 teams in class B.

With all of their players back from last season, this team has confidence and has racked up some impressive wins.

(Shawn Graham): "We kind of trust each other a little bit more. Little more confidence. We've got some big wins under our belt with MDI, Old Town was nice...So I think they are playing with much more confidence this year. Then they did a year ago."

Shawn Graham believes there is still room for improvement for this seasoned group of veterans.

(Graham): " We've got to get a little more physical I think. Kind of get after it. Win the 50-50 balls. Do a little bit better job on the glass. Offensively, when we're moving the ball and everybody is looking to score it makes it much more difficult to defend. And when we play that style of basketball we look that much better."

This team depends heavily on it's veteran leadership. One of those leaders is Teagan Ewings. She gave us the low-down on what she's seen from the girls this season.

(Teagan Ewings): We've come together more as a team. Better on offense better on defense and communications a lot better.

While the team is largely still the same, the biggest difference this season has been a change in leagues.

This year the squad has transitioned from playing in class C to class B.

The change has tested this experienced group but they've answered the bell even if it might take a little extra work to earn wins


(Abbie Worthley): A few of us have already played B but it is a harder challenge. It's always work.

(Ewings): We still play a lot of the same teams there's only a couple differences and with that year of experience under our belt we definitely come together so it's a lot easier transferring from C to B.

(Graham): I think it's been a pretty good adjustment for us. We've tried to play a little more physical. We try to get a few more kids involved in the game because bench depth is more of a key in class B. Thus far I think we've done fairly well."

So there you have it. The formula to win for this team will depend on their depth, their experience and their physicality.

Keep an eye on these girls because they could easily be a wild card when the playoffs get started this month.

Daveson Perez NewSource Sports.

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