Houlton golf team looks to repeat

The Defending Class C State Champion Houlton Shiretowners golf team opens the season next week. The Shires graduated five members of last years team including the two top players. Individual Class C State Champion Nick Brewer and Wyatt Harvey both graduated last year. Coach Dave Grant says he is looking forward to seeing that this group of golfers can do.
(Dave Grant):" I think this year we are going to be competitive in Class C. The bar last year was set pretty high for us, but we will be competitive. I think we can compete in the PVC and qualify for the States. After that I am not sure we are young. I have two returning seniors."

Isaac Vega and Collin Moody will hold down the top two sports on the Shires team. Vega is one of the veterans and one of just two seniors on the team.

(Isaac Vega):" I think we can do pretty well. We have me and Collin can go pretty low and Garrett Harvey can go low. We just need a couple of more and we are working on it right now. I think we will do well."

(Collin Moody):" I am very excited. I think we will have some fun matches and some fun places to play this year."

Grant says that any of nine players could be counted on to act as scorers sometime during the season.

Grant:" These kids can hit the ball a long way. They just need to finish from 100 yards in. Everybody struggles that way. They are coming that is what we are concentrating on."

Moody:" I think my green game has helped me a ton. If I put the ball close and I can one putt every time I will be alright."

Several of the players are golf junkies who spent a lot of time on the course.

Vega:" Me and Collin went out quite a bit this summer and played. We played a few courses. We played a lot and got a lot of other players to play too."

Grant:" The kids behind me are here all the time. We get done practice the last two days and after practice they went out on their own. They have the desire and that is part of the deal."