Houlton reflects on championship season

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HOULTON, Me (WAGM) - The Houlton girls soccer team brought a gold ball back to the County. We hear from the Shires about their season, and their emotional victory on Saturday.

"It was definitely a different feeling because I'm a senior now and we had so many seniors so it definitely feels good. I actually cried which I don't usually do," said senior Kolleen Bouchard.

"Well I've personally never won anything because soccer has really been the only sport I've ever played. So it's definitely a one of a kind feeling," added senior Mia Hanning.

"We were able to get a goal fairly early in the second half and make it a defensive game since then. That was our 11th shutout of the season, and I knew we could defend if we were able to score first and we were fortunate enough to do so," explained head coach Tim Tweedie.

The only blemish on the record was a loss to Madawaska near the end of the season, which motivated the team.

"Definitely a huge turning point for us and opened our eyes to show us that we're not unbeatable and it pushed us to work harder," Hanning said.

Tweedie says this team has plenty of good characteristics that made them successful.

"Work ethic. I mean both mentally and physically all season long. They are the hardest working team I've had. They're intelligent, they're bond together as well. There a great group," Tweedie said.

After several years ending in disappointment, the Shires were finally the last ones standing.

"For so long we have been so close. An unfortunate injury, or something else like losing home-field advantage like we did a few years ago to a snowstorm. I just kept waiting, unfortunately, for something bad to happen. But, fortunately it didn't happen," Tweedie explained.