Hunters enjoying successful start to moose season.

The second day of the moose hunt and colder temperatures greeted the hunters and that mean't another busy day at the registration stations
Lee Kantar:" It's probably some of the best two days since I can remember. We have had two mornings in row where up here it has been below freezing and as you know it has been a little bit frosty and moose have been moving quite a bit."

This is the first of three weeks of the split moose hunt in Wildlife Management Districts 1-6. Kantar the Moose specialist for the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department says the herd is very healthy in the Northern Part of the State.

Kantar:" I think it is a healthy herd up here. I think Aroostook County is still the stronghold for moose. I think we need to clarify when we look at our moose study and talk about winter tick. Winter tick primarily impacts calves in their first winter time. Adult moose in Maine are still doing really well."

The first week of the hunt continues through Saturday and Kantar thinks the weather for the rest of the week will also benefit the hunters and their sub permitteess.

Kantar:" We have a couple of Management Districts open for the first time in September .Downeast we have a few more Management Districts open that would typically be running in October. We have over 800 permits for the September season. It looks pretty good. Tomorrow has a little bit of rain and wind that is still pretty good hunting conditions and then it will cool down on Thursday, Friday and Saturday."

It was another busy day at the tagging stations with over 100 moose tagged again today. . Fort Kent led the way with 40 moose and a two day total of 77,
Ashland tagged another 33
Littleton and Presque Isle both ended with 12
Van Buren and Mt Chase had four apiece and Island Falls registered 2.