Impact of Spring Sports Cancellations on Umpires

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 6:47 PM EDT
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The most thankless job in sports: umpiring. These men and women spend hours devouring the baseball/softball rule book but still have to deal with people disagreeing with their calls.

Bill Casavant would've been going into his 49th year of umpiring this spring.

Believe it or not, he misses the disagreements, but what he misses most is being at the park and catching up with coaches, the kids, and other umpires.

And he's not the only one who feels this way.

(CASAVANT SOT) : "You build friendships. With the coaches and your partners you work it's a chance to see them since you can't see them on a day to day basis."

(Kris Bradstreet SOT): " You sign up because you like to keep involved with the kids. Give back to these kids. I played multiple sports in school and you meet tons of people a long the way."

(Tim Talpey SOT): "Softball is my favorite sports out of the two that I do. I have aspirations to be doing state games so I'm definitely missing it for sure."

If you ask Steve Thibodeau, one of the things he misses is the workout he gets from umpiring.

(Steve Thibodeau): "I'm not going out and doing physical activity on my own. So umpiring sports is it for me."

And while it's not about money for umpires, no games and the effects of the pandemic can provide some financial stress as well.

(Tim SOT): "Losing the extra income from officiating for a month and a half or so has definitely hurt.. We're getting by but it's definitely felt in the wallet strings."

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