In the Sportlight: Aidan Churchill

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 9:51 PM EST
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This week our feature is a on Student Athlete who took it upon himself to paint and repair a building that was vandalized.

Washburn experienced quite a bit of vandalism over the last few months. A dugout was burned and another was vandalized. Junior Aidan Churchill took it upon himself to clean up the grafitti.

(Aidan Churchill):" It was very disappoiting and there was quite a bit down over a period of time. We got most of it cleaned up and it looks much better now."

(Ron Ericson):"You see a need and you take care of it instead of waiting for someone else to do it."

Athletic Administrator Ron Ericson nominated Churchill for the "In the Sportlight" segment because of his willigness to help out

(Ron Ericson):" We had some vandalism done to our dugouts last year."

Churchill is invvolved in several sports in Wsahburn including running cross county and the dugout is right on the cross country course

Churchill:" It was very unfortnate that it happened in the first place so we did have cross country meets and baseball games so I just wanted to clean up so it wans't there."

Ericson:" It wasn't an image he wanted portrayed so he volunteered to pain the dugouts so that not something that was on display."

Mike Hartford is the boys basketball coach and he said that Aidan has stepped up the plate since his freshman year

(Mike Hartford):" The way that he conducts himself and the way he competes every night. He is becoming a little more of a vocal leader than he was when he was younger, but he has always been a leader by example. He has always been a good citizen around the school and a good student."

Just another student athlete who is making a difference and is in the Sportlight.

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