In the "Sportlight" Aidan Sirois Part 2

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 10:10 AM EST
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Part two of the In the "Sportlight" with Aidan Sirois. This part ran on Sports Extra.

So many times in sports you focus on the star player and their accomplishments, but there are other student athletes who are making a difference. They may not get the headlines, but they are a very important part of the school's sports culture. I am working with the Aroostook League Athletic Directors and at times will be putting a student athlete in the "Sportlight" for what they have done for their school and community.

Senior Aidan Sirois of Madawaska is a huge sports fan. Sirois has Spina Bifada, but even though he can't compete on the basketball court he is still an important member of the team.

(Aidan Sirois):" I want to help the underclassmen be the best they can be on the court and off the court.

I know I am not on the court with the other seniors, but I am doing my part to help out the team in any way I can."

(Chad Cyr):" He is a Senior this year and we consider him one of the Senior leaders. He is at every single practice and one of the first to cheer the boys one and he is one of the first to get their act together when they need to get their act together in practice."

(Madawaska 2014)Sirois is a huge sports fan he took center ice with the Bruins and got a jersey back in 2014.

Sirois:" I was a little nervous at first,but after awhile I got pretty cool with it and I went on and I pretty much met him and he took off his jersey and just gave it to me. It was Kevin Miller."

The Fort Kent senior has had quite an impact on the team and also on others in the school community.

Derrick Cooper:"He was just as much a part of the team as anyone who was on the court. He did a lot of things that people don't know statistics and breaking down game film. Just a huge fan of the sport and the kids really liked him. He was such a great motivator."

(Courtesy WFKT)Sirois was familiar voice this past fall on local access channel WFKT including doing interviews

What do you see as the keys to tonight's game?

(Eric Werntgen):" Aidan and myself did play by play for soccer which was real exciting. We have a local access channel here WFKT TV 4 we did all of our soccer games live streamed. Aidan did all the play by play he has done clocks and is pretty much involved wherever he can be. He helps me with set up and kind of sees the behind the scene stuff an Athletic Director does."

Sirois has been a sports fan his whole life and actually wants to go into sports journalism after graduating. Sirois says that even with all that he has been involved with he doesn't want to consider himself a role model and just loves being around sports.

Sirois:" I don't know if I would consider myself a role model, but I feel like I am able to help other kids who are dealing with the same things. I want to be not just the manager but I want to be able to help them in any way I can and be a teammate."

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