Jillian Flynn returns to the County

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The University of Maine Women's hockey team will in Presque Isle on Saturday for an exhibition game against Mt Allison out of Sackville, New Brunswick. Jillian Flynn who graduated from Presque Isle last year is one of the goalies on the Bears team and she is very excited to returning to the County
Jillian Flynn:"it's pretty cool to return to Presque Isle and I am excited to show the players the County. I think the support will be there and it is very exciting."

Flynn was a four year member of the Wildcats hockey team starting in goal as a freshman. Coach Carl Flynn says that having her back in the builing that was her home ice for four years will be great for the program

(Carl Flynn):" We all strive to make it to the Big Leagues or the big time and for Jillian this is it. She is a Division One Athlete playing hockey at U Maine. A place that all these kids dreamed of playing when they were little kids. Now they get to see one of their own actually play in a U Maine jersey this weekend in our home rink."

The Maine freshman says that playing at the college level has been quite an adjustment

Jillian Flynn:" It is much different than anything. It is much different then boys HIgh School Hockey. It is a learning curve, but i am lucky to have a good coach and great goalies ahead of me that I learn from every day. Just watching them I learn so much and am grateful for that."

Coach Flynn says that having a Presque Isle grad suit up for a Division One program will be a positive message for the younger players

Flynn:" The Youth hockey program admires the players on the High School team. The players know that and we take that seriously. This is another level above that. One of our players has gone on to the next level and these youth hockey players particularly the little girls are going to be impressed by what they see this weekend when Maine comes to town."

Flynn is one of three goalies on the Maine women's team. She said going in she knew that she would not get a lot of playing time, but she is very happy in her role and just wants to help the team in any way possible.

Flynn:" Carly being here she is such a good goal it helps me get better. If I am a backup for four years and I am a great backup for Carly when they need me I will be happy. I want to do what is my for me team and I will be happy.