Kenzie Worcester talks about her career

Kenzie Worcester of Washburn has had an outstanding basketball career in both High School and College. The Husson senior says that she has enjoyed every minute of it.

Worcester):" My experience with the girls and just like High School we were really close together. Getting to meet new people every year and working with all kinds of different styles is really fun."

Worcester scored over 2 thousand points in High School and has scored over 1500 points in College. She is the second leading scorer in Husson Women's basketball history. Worcester says that she wasn't sure what kind of success she would have in college

Worcester:" I guess I wasn't really sure who it would work out. I just never lost my confidence from High School and it paid off."

Worcester and Joan Overman will be in the County this weekend when the Eagles take on UMPI in a pair of games on Friday and Saturday. Worcester says the team is focused on trying to get into the NCAA tournament again this year.

Worcester.:" I want to get back to the NCAA tournament and win another game is my big goal."