King is new Snowdogs Coach

The Snowdogs season doesn't start for another two months and for the first time in 8 years the team will have a new coach. Brian Hamel stepped down as coach because he left the area. Spencer King has been named the new coach.
Spencer King:" I am very excited when I heard about the opening for the Head Coaching position for the Snowdogs it was an absolute no brainer that I would seek the opportunity."

King realizes he has some big shoes to fill replacing Brian Hamel.

King:" Brian has been extremely helpful in the process. He has been e mailing me on a daily basis. We are going to sit down with him later this week to talk about expectations scheduling and things of that nature."

The Snowdogs played several High School teams in the area and that was always one of the highlights of their season. King says that he is not planning on making many changes and wants to continue with Hamel's success

King:" We are going to keep in place a lot of what Brian had in place, but we are going to try and put our fun little twist on it."

The new coach says he knows some of the Snowdogs players. He says he can't wait for the first practice when he will be introduced to some of the team members he might not know

King:" I know many of the athletes through soccer and the spring games, but I am sure there are a few that I haven't met yet and I am really excited to."

King has been involved with Special Olympics for many years from helping with the spring games and more recently involved in soccer skills

King:" I have been involved with the Special Olympics soccer for the last five years as coordinator. I think the most exciting piece of this opportunity is I will get to work with the athletes directly."