Koch invited to US Track and Field Championships

Published: Jun. 20, 2017 at 6:19 PM EDT
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Great news for Washburn's Carsyn Koch. She has been invited to compete in the US Track and Field Championships in Sacramento. Koch was invited to compete in both the 800 and 1500 meter events. Koch says she has not made up her mind on which event she will compete in. She will need to declare for the event by tomorrow and the competition begins on Friday.

Koch spent some time in the County recently and talked about winning two more NCAA Division II National 800 meter championships over the past year.

Carsyn Koch:"I was super excited this year was a focus on the 1500. Trying to see where I could go strength wise. It was nice to see that unfold in April and to get to May and have another National Championship."

Koch looked impressive in winning the indoor championship in March in Orlando. Koch was also a member of the Cedarville distance medley team that took third. That was her second straight indoor championship in the 800. She followed that up with a great outdoor season winning the GMAC Championship in three events. This is the first year that she competed in the 1500

Koch:"I qualified for the 1500 and 800 at the Championships. I contemplated maybe doubling, but it is a tough double. The final on Saturday was only an hour apart. I chose the 800 because that is kind of my baby. It is my more favorite race. I don't know if is my better race right now, but it is my favorite."

Koch went into the outdoor championships under the weather, but she gutted it out and captured the title.

Koch:" It was a tough choice I was sick that weekend going into it. I wasn't feeling 100 percent. Thankfully I did not choose to double. That would have probably been a disaster with the way I was feeling that weekend. God provides and I got extra energy to win the 800 and to win another championship."

She is looking forward to her senior year at Cedarville

Koch:" It is a very tough double with the 1500 and the 800 it is four races in three days. It is tough, but we will see next year what I do. I am really hoping it is not the end of my running career and that I have every intention of pursuing a running career. We will see where that goes and if not i am a nursing major and I love that too. Either way I am excited for my future to see what that holds for running and nursing maybe both."