Land Speed Races are underway

The Drivers are back on the Loring Runway for the Maine event. After going through tech earlier in the day the crews were ready to turn some quick times at the mile and mile a half distances.

Joe Daly:" This is a time trial event. It is recorded speed at the measured mile and mile and a half. It is basically against existing records."

The racers and crews will be on the runway through Sunday as they look to set new records. Daley says there are some very fast cars and motorcycles who have registered.

Daly:" Great event. We have a Streamliner here he is going to come down and shake it out and then take it Bonneville to the long course. We are expecting that to go somewhere in the 275 mile an hour range."

Crews were going through some shakedown runs as they look for optimal conditions to get the fastest speeds. There is a car at the event that could reach 300 miles an hour if the conditions are perfect

Daly:"We have a funny car just waiting for conditions to be perfect for it. It's a very fast car I would think it is a 300 mile an hour vehicle."