Land Speed Racing update

Five days of land speed racing on the Loring runway saw some new records being set. 85 entries made multiple runs at records in a variety of classes The tops speeds were well over 200 miles an hour
Joe Daly:"Three vehicles over 250 miles an hour."

Several other also hit the 200 mile an hour mark and were honored during a noon time ceremony on Saturday when they were presented with their 200 mile per an club hats.Mike Wilson topped the 200 an hour mark his Camaro on Saturday and now is a member of the club.

(Mike Wilson):" It is incredible. I could never have done it without my wife. She had us stay a couple extra days. We had been chipping at it. We did 192 and 194 thrashing at the car and doing different things. We got a 195 at the end of the day yesterday and today with the tail wind and a couple extra tweaks on the car this morning it got us over the top."

Wilson raced his Camaro at Pikes Peak in 2015 and 16. He was confident he would be able to break the 200 mile an hour barrier, but he said without the help of other racers he probably would have some up short.

Wilson:" It wasn't until I got here that I realized how difficult the 200 club is to get. In the 190's and 180's yes, If you would have asked me two days ago I would have said probably not going to do it."

Event Director Joe Daly says that Jason White had the top speed of 259:507 at a mile and a half and that Pam Beinike was the fastest in the mile at 251. He said they had racers from all over the Country

(Joe Daly):" We have a couple of racers from Texas from Wisconsin and Florida."

Daly says the weather conditions were favorable for the event with temperatures on Friday and Saturday in the mid 70's with a tail wind. Daly says the teams will now go home and work on their equipment as many of the racers will drive north for another event later this year.

Daly:" We got the fall event coming up Labor Day Weekend and the same period next July."

This was Wilson's first time at the event and also his first time in the State. He says he was very impressed.

Wilson:" Very impressed with the people and this facility is one of a kind."