Land Speed races are underway.

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 6:38 PM EDT
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If you were near the Loring Runway today you were hearing some engine noise as cars and motorcycles were looking to set new records in the first Loring Timing Association Land Speed race of the season.

The need for speed will be the order of the day for the few days as drivers and pit crews look to set new records.

(Ron Keselowski):" The car is a 63 Corvette and runs in the Modified Sports class. The record in this class which this car has is 234 and I am hoping to up that a little bit."

If the the last name seems familiar to race fans it is because Ron is Monster Energy driver Brad Keselowski's uncle. Ron and Brad's father Bob have made several trips to the County in the past and have set several records.

Brian Huffman of Texas made his first run of the afternoon as he looks to set a new personal record. This is his second time he and he learned somethings last year and hopes to break his person record of 237 miles an hour.

(Brian Huffman):" The car wasn't set up or ready for it so we came back this year and records are meant to be broken here so we are ready."

Shane Stubbs of Treadway Stubbs racing is back at the runway. Stubbs says his bike is capable of putting up a big number.

(Shane Stubbs):" We are geared for 318, but that doesn't mean we will go 318. This is just another opportunity for us to get data. We have had a lot of good luck lately running naked running 262 naked which was really cool it was a world record."

The pit crew for Stubbs comes from both Texas and Kansas he says the support they receive from families and friends and sponsors is unreal.

Stubbs:" When the bike does what is supposed to do and we do what we are supposed to do in the end we feel we are going to have a positive result."

This event at Loring is the premier event on the East Coast and if you ask the racers they feel it is the best event they attend each year

Keseloswki:" If I had any place to go it would be here first then Bonneville. These two places."

Huffman:" 40 hour drive and it is worth it. Limited people great course great people up here. Maine is awesome.

Stubbs:" Loring offers the longest and the widest and the smoothest racing surface in my opinion. That is why we are here and come from thousands of miles away. Use our vacation time pursue a dream that is just because we have it."