Landeen prepares for trip to driving school

Caribou's Tammy Landeen is getting ready for a trip to Lillehammer to learn more about Para Bobsledding and then to compete on the World Cur tour. A couple of weeks ago Landeen was notified that she earned National team pending status for the upcoming Para Bobsled World Cup season. Landeen will have to complete the week long Driving Camp later this month to be officially named to the team. Landeen made her first runs on a bobsled course earlier this month.

Landeen:" It was terrifying, It was scary was an adrenaline rush. So many emotions so many feelings all wrapped into one. By the time I got the bottom I couldn't stop smiling."

Landeen had never been on a bobsled prior to Lake Placid and when she found out that there were openings on the Para Bobsled team she jumped at the chance to try and make the team.

Landeen:" Not very often do you get a phone call and someone says hey do you want to do 60 miles an hour down an ice tube. The opportunity was the driving factor for me to try it."

Landeen suffered a spinal cord injury 14 years ago and after her accident she began to take an interest in sports and began competing

Landeen:" Ever since my injury I have been really active in Adaptive sports."

US Para Sliding does not have corporate funding so athletes have to work on fund raising on their own.She says the community has been very supportive, but she still needs to raise quite a bit more money to compete on the full circuit

Landeen:" For my first three week stint I need about 6 thousand dollars.They are estimating the season to cost anywhere from 15 to 18 thousand dollars. The community has been coming together some of the local businesses have been very kind to me."

Landeen had a lot of success in handcycling races in the past, finishing second in her division in Boston in 2015 and winning her division in the Marine Corp Marathon. She says that competing on the world stage would be a huge thrill.

Landeen:" You always compete and want to push yourself to do better and better. I didn't think it was ever going to be my reality, but the chance it could be is really exciting and I am going to give it everything I can."