Larry Gardner 400 wins

It's a season for milestones. Jeff Hudson and Larry Gardner have won 400 career games and Tim Brewer won his 300th earlier this week.
Last week we talked to Hudson about reaching the 400 win mark. Next week we will talk to Brewer about his 300 victories. Tonight Larry Gardner talks about his 31 year career.

Gardner:" I have never played on the floor in any of those 400 plus wins. I take the credit for the losses,but the wins are all about the players. We had some great individual players great teams and it all about them."

Gardner spent nine years coaching the boys who appeared in two State Championship games in Class C and after taking a few years off returned to the sidelines with the girls 22 years ago. He said he still has passion for the game.

Gardner:" Passion is huge. Huge part of the game. I think those of us who stick around as long as I have or Jeff Hudson for instance you have that passion for the game. You love setting goals and seeing them attain those goals."

He has had success with the girls team including wining a state title back in 2010.

Gardner:" Anytime you can win a State Championship in anything is special.That was extra special for that team for us as coaches. It was the first gold ball the school had ever won."

The veteran coach says that one of the most important things for him is seeing his players be successful after High School

Gardner:" It's great to be around kids and see them grow and reach their goals even outside of basketball. I have three seniors now and they say Coach I just got accepted to UNE in the Dental Program or Coach I am going to UMPI to be a teacher. Those are really special times and you see the smile on their face."

Gardner says that he has received so much support from his family especially his wife and daughter and that now he is watching his grandchildren play the game he loves

Gardner:" Now I have a couple of grand daughters who are following the game playing in some tournament games and going to Tiger Basketball Camp. It's a family thing and that makes it extra special"