License Plates for Special Olympics

The Maine State Police and Maine Special Olympics teamed up last October . Every State Police vehicle in the State displayed a Law Enforcement Torch Run Special Olympics Maine License plate.
Lt Brian Harris:" We pick those based on community sentiment. Special Olympics is something that is near and dear to our heart. We have a lot of troopers involved in Special Olympics. We have been helping out here at the Aroostook Spring Games for almost 30 years."

Maine State Police are very active in supporting Special Olympics. Troop F has been handling the standing long jump at the Spring Games in Presque Isle. The Troopers are very involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run. The plates were a chance to help raise additional money for Special Olympics Maine

Harris:" We have two plates and once that week is finished we can keep one if we want to keep both of them we pay for the second one. If we don't want to keep them both we turn them back into the Trooper's Association and they will auction those off with proceeds going to Special Olympics. Everyone of those numbers on the plates are assigned to a trooper. When they turn it back in if they don't want to keep it they will sign their name on the back, their rank and they can write a message. They are all signed sent back and auctioned off from there."