Local mountains begin making snow

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FORT KENT, Me (WAGM) - Mother Nature has not delivered much snow yet, but local ski areas are helping the process by making snow. Bigrock in Mars Hill, Mont Farlagne in Edmundston, and Lonesome Pine in Fort Kent are speeding up the process with the snow guns full steam ahead.

In Fort Kent Lonesome Pine is making enough snow to supply two venues if needed. They are making snow for the hill and also for the Fort Kent Outdoor Center. The Outdoor Center is hosting some races that are a part of the NENSA Eastern Cup on December 16th and 17th. Manager Mike Voisine says they have been making snow earlier than in years past to help prepare both venues and also says what the main keys to making snow are.

"We've been making snow for about a week. The temperatures have been great. Great snowfall here every night and every day and we hope to keep on going here. The temperatures gotta be cold, the teens are the best. Anything lower than that is really good. It's supposed to warm up later on tonight and we're prepared to shut down for a few days and wait for some more cold. A lot of volunteer help is awesome, we have a great snow making crew that works around the clock. We can't ask for any better," he said.