Local players watch World Cup game

Millions of soccer fans tuned in for the World Cup game between the US and England. Several members of the Fort Fairfield girls soccer team got together to watch the game and to bond as a squad.
(John Ala):" We try to get together a couple of times a season. It is the summer time so it is a little unusual, but the World Cup only comes every four years and we are trying to take advantage of the opportunity."

Members of the team were watching intently both because they love the sport, but also to pick up some pointers to improve their games.

(Camryn Ala):" It is incredible. We have watched every game and they have completly dominated.

(Sarah McShea):" I love to watch them to learn to play better and see how we can practice."

(Jayde McKenney):" It is good to see them play because they are better and we can learn stuff from them."

Ala:" It is a great model of how the game is supposed to be played. It is an opportunity for the girls to see soccer played on the World Class level and see if we can pick up some things we can take to our own game."

This is Ala's second year as the Tigers girls coach and he is stressing ball control

Ala:" We try to play soccer in a high possession style. The girls watching what the professionals are doing and I can point out and say look we are doing that and what we are trying to do."

(Kassidy Gorneault):" We are working on passing this year. They are professional at passing and it is like an example for us."

Ala:" We can try to reflect on them and get better from watching them."

It's a full soccer day for the Tigers. They watched the game and then were scheduled to travel to play a game later this evening

Ala:" We are supposed to head over to Ashland and have a friendly with them later this afternoon and hopefully the weather cooperates. We are looking forward to watching some soccer and then playing some soccer."