Local swim teams gaining confidence heading into big meets

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(WAGM) - The Carlisle and Fort Fairfield swim teams have been swimming for a good amount of time now. The numbers are a bit up too and the swimmer have high aspirations for the season.

"It's a huge difference, there's so much more people this year and more participation. It's really great to have a bigger team because it boosts morale," said Carlisle senior Kyra Thibeault.

Fort Fairfield has around 5 swimmers competing and they are glad they can practice and compete with Carlisle.

"It helps a lot. I feel like that's very nice of them to let us practice with them," Fort Fairfield sophomore Annicka Benson explained.

Some of the swimmers are new to the sport this year and the second years can definitely see an improvement in their performance.

"I really love the sport, it's a full body workout. Like track and stuff I've don before and this is definitely the hardest sport I've done," Carlisle sophomore Chris Parent said.

"I was basically very new to the whole swimming aspect so I was in the very beginning lane. Then I moved up to the middle, and eventually now that I've gotten better I'm in the top group which is phenomenal," added Fort Fairfield sophomore Jason Bernaiche.

Both Carlisle teams have gotten some victories early on and that boosted the confidence.

"I think we're doing great this early in the season picking up a win against Washington Academy. Everyone seems to be doing relatively well hitting their goals. Everyone's participating and having fun," Carlisle sophomore Spencer Soucy said.

Maddie Wing is a senior on Carlisle and was on the podium for the 500 and 200 freestyle. She is looking for her teammates to join her at states and to improve on her own times.

"My goals this year are to bring the team to states so everyone can get to participate, because for a lot of us it's our senior year. I would also like to go for the school records I don't have already. I think I've been doing well, my times are faster than they were last year already and I'm Pr'ing in the first couple meets of the season. I'm excited to see what it has in store," Wing explained.