Looking at the duties of the Maine Principals' Association

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The Maine Principals Association is a name that is well known in High School sports, but the MPA does much more than just oversee High School athletics in the State.

(Dick Durost):"We are almost two organizations within one. First off we are a service organization for Pre K through 12. Principals and Assistant Principals at all grade levels. We provide about 65 days a year of Professional Development. I serve as the lobbyist before the legislature mostly with the Education Committee. We provide legal and practical advice to our members as they deal with issues. That is the piece that we do that most people are not aware of."

Durost says the Association operates in the same fashion as most of New England it does operate differently than most other states.

Durost.:"We are not unusual for New England and four of the six New England states who all have Associations similar to us. Outside of New England they have separate Associations. They have a Principal Association and an Athletic Association. They might have the same people on committees, but it is two separate buildings two separate staffs. We think what we have for a State the size of Maine is cost effective and cost efficient."

The Interscholastic side of the MPA sponsors several State Championships on the Athletic Fields, but they also work with non athletic events also.

Durost:"We are responsible for National Honor Society and Student Council. We oversee one act play public speaking group and much more."

Durost says membership in the MPA is for both public and private schools.

Durost:" This year we have 151 member High Schools. There is approximately 119 are what we would call public High Schools. There are 11 town Academies like Fryeburg and MCI. There are 20 or 22 Private schools of all shapes and sizes. They can be as large as a Cheverus or former McCauley or St Dom's and they can as small as a Faith based school that might have just 15 kids in it."