Looking for speed with a 56 Chevy

Speed and new records will be on the minds of racers this weekend at the Land Speed races on the Loring runway. The drivers are coming in this afternoon and are getting their cars teched before looking to set some new milestones at the mile and mile and a half mark. One car that sat idle for over 5 decades will take to the track.
(Jesse Michaud):" We really haven't run it much. Just run it around the parking lot. The car has sat since 1966 so it's a big feat to accomplish. We are trying to go 150 in the 1956 Chevy."

Michaud loves local racing history and he had his sights on this car for many years.

Michaud:" I have known of the car since i was about 10 years old. I finally acquired the car from Anderson's Junk Yard when they closed. Bob Anderson gave me the car in 2012."

The 1956 chevy turned many laps at Spud Speedway and Michaud has spent time with the person who used to race the car

Michaud:" Hardie Ketch drove the car in 1965 and 1966 at Spud Speedway. It has local history. Hardie has seen it and signed the car and he will be out here this weekend."

Crews are beginning to show up for tech with drivers coming from all over the East Coast and as far away as Texas all with the need for speed

(Joe Daly):" We have got good weather forecast. Conditions will be favorable for a tail wind. We have around 90 entries and we have a couple of entries capable of 300 miles an hour."

All of the drivers are looking to set new records in their class and at least one motorcycle and a funny car might be going after the runway record

Daly:" The track record here is 311 miles an hour set by Bill Warner. We have a motorcycle here capable of pushing that record."