MPA members vote on classification.

The Maine Principals Association spring business meeting was held today and several recommendations were voted on by the membership. The majority of the items were classification related.

The full membership voted to accept the basketball proposal of 0-129 students for class D. . There was a second proposal that would increased the numbers by 10 students to 0-139. The accepted proposal means that Fort Fairfield, Woodland, CAHS and Hodgdon will all compete in Class C for the next two years. The four schools had all appealed the cut off number to the Management Committee. The other change has Houlton moving up to Class B from Class C.

The full membership also approved the Cheering proposal Under the new proposal Class A would have teams with over 700 students. Class B would have 450 to 699 students. Class C would be for schools with 200 to 449 students and Class D will now includes schools with 0 to 199 students.

Brewer, Mt Blue and Lawrence would drop to Class B. There would now be 12 teams in Class B north including Presque Isle and Caribou.

Foxcroft, Washington Academy and Mt View would drop to Class C. There wold be 11 teams in Class C North including Houlton

Class D North South would now have 15 teams with Narraguagus, Lee, Boothbay, Wiscasset and Penquis dropping to Class D. CAHS, Fort Fairfield and SAHS would remain in Class D.

For baseball softball and soccer.
Brewer moves up to Class A
Lawrence moves to Class B
Washington Academy and Mt View move down to Class C.

Membership also approved a new eight man football system and a new eight school Class A football league.

The membership also voted to have a Commissioner of officials in all sports. In the past There was just a basketball Commissioner, but now the Commissioner will oversee officiating in all the team sports.