Madawaska Timers keep races running smoothly

Everywhere we travel we run into some familiar faces. People who have been working High School events for decades.
(Diane Boucher):" For 21 years we started back in 1997 on Summer strett. We had no building back then and just sat on upside down pickle buckets in the snow. We timed manually and our clock would freeze on us all the time. We had four or five clocks going on the all time because they would freeze on us."

The couple agree they do it for the love of the sport.

(Bob Boucher):"It's the love of the sport. I did it while I was in High School. I got my kids involved in it and just love it so much just kept on going."

The Bouchers time High School and Middle School races in Madawaska and also helped time the Super Tour event held at the venue a few years ago.

This is now a family affair for the Bouchers. Their son Jason is now involved and provides computer timing.

Diane:"Bob I and Jason our son and we look forward to each and every race. It is a long process from when we get the sheet in the morning and put the bibs together and the timing order together. It is a long day process it is not just on the scene work that is done. "

How much longer will they go?

Diane Boucher:" For the love of it. Every year we say it is our last year Lord knows when it will be our last year. We love doing it."

Bob Boucher:" A little argument last night in fact.She wanted to make this our last year, but like I told her I really enjoy it and I am hoping I can convince her to stay."