Madawaska ski team is very young

The Madawaska Nordic Ski team is very young this year and that makes the future look very bright for the Owls.
(Colin Jandreau):" We are a young team and we brought a lot of students from the middle school program from last year. Some very strong eighth grade skiers from last year are in our program. That is encouraging so five freshmen coming in with no seniors leaving is exciting for us building to the future."

(Isabelle Jandreau):"We only have two returning skiers this year. The rest of all freshmen and sophomore and a new junior. It is a young team so we are getting them ready for the races and showing them the ropes.

Isabelle Jandreau had a great State meet last year finishing second in the skate race. The Junior is one of the leaders on this years team

Isabelle Jandreau:" We try to keep it fun. We have a really fun team and enjoy the snow. "

Morin likes the idea that the State Championship meet is under half an hour away in Fort Kent.

(Donna Morin):"It is a little more convenient being close to home and being able to go home at night."
Coach Jandreau says that his team has adapted to all the postponements and cold weather. He and Junior Donna Morin agree you have to like winter to be a skier

Morin:" I love the winter and the season. Everything is great about it and I though why not skiing."

Colin Jandreau:" I think there is a certain temperament to be an alpine or nordic skier and you have to be able to put up with those cold temperatures. You have to face adversity and it is a good lesson for life so nordic skiing is a great sport for these guys."