Maine Basketball Hall of Fame Classic

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor will host 13 regular season basketball games on December 27th and 28th. The Maine Basketball Hall of Fame Classic will 26 teams in action over two days.
Larry Gardner):" The Hall of Fame wanted to do something to promote basketball. What better thing to do then to have 26 teams come in and get on the Cross Insurance Center floor and play."

The Cross Insurance Center hosts the Northern Regional Class B C and D tournament in February and this is a chance for teams get a game on the floor before the tournament and for teams that might not make the quarterfinals a chance to play in the venue

Gardner:" The experience of being on the floor. We are hoping there will be a nice crowd there for all the games. We are charging five dollars a day not five dollars per game. For five dollars you can go in and watch all six games on Thursday and all seven games on Friday for another five dollars. They are allowing people to leave and come back. "

There will be seven games on Thursday and 6 games on Friday. This will be a great opportunity for fans to see several different teams in action

Gardner:" Regular season games countable games per the MPA. Jamie Russell did a lot of the scheduling and made a lot of the phone calls to get teams to play."

The Houlton boys will play Mattanawcook the Houlton girls will face Stearns and Washburn and Fort Fairfield girls will travel south to take part in the event.

Gardner:" The kids are looking forward to it. We are playing Washburn we played them in the preseason tournament earlier and to have it as a countable game on the floor gives more meaning to it. I am sure we will have fun and Washburn will too. There will be fans from the Bangor fans as well who come and watch all the games."

Here is the schedule for the two days
Thursday December 27th
Penuis vs Greenville boys 10 am
PCHS vs Penquis girls 11:45am
Washburn vs Fort Fairfield girls 1:30pm
Searsport vs Central girls 3:15pm
Stevens Mattanawcook girls 5pm
Stevens Calais boys 6:45pm
Brewer vs Cony boys 8pm

Houlton vs Mattanawcook boys 10 am
Houlton vs Stearns girls 11:45 am
Stearns Vs Dexter boys 1:30 pm
Schenck vs Dexter girls 3:15pm
Central vs Lee boys 5pm
Lee vs Calais girls 6:45pm