Major ski races will be held in the County

The top high school skiers from New England will be spending the weekend in Fort Kent at the Eastern High School Championships.
The event gets underway on Friday afternoon and will continue through Sunday
Carl Theriault:" We started working on this two years ago. It brings all of the New England teams together. There is a team from Maine New Hampshire,Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut that will be arriving. Usually New York also takes part, but they decided not to come this year because they were in Alaska just recently."

The top 24 boys and top 24 girls from Maine will be competing in the event including several skiers from the County including, Abigail Streinz of Hersey, Isabelle Jandreau of Madawaska, Kassandra Nelson of Ashland and Dolcie Tanguay and Miguel Sanclemte of Fort Kent will be on the Maine team. The event will start on Friday rain or shine

Theriault:" It will be the first rain of the winter for us and it will happen on our biggest event. That is the way it goes. They are going to ski right through it. It really shouldn't slow things down very much. It will make it a little challenging on manipulating the snow so we have the right quality and it not to soft."

While volunteers are working at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center preparing for this weekend's event, Volunteers at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle are preparing that venue for a major event later this month.

(Mark Shea):" We are in pretty good shape with a lot of the work to be done. There is a little bit of trail work with trimming back the trails so we have nice wide trails. That will take place on Sunday at noon."

The Super Tour Finals and the Long Distance Championship races will be held beginning on March 29th to April 2nd This event will bring in some of the top sprint and distance skiers in the Country. Several members of the US Ski team are expected to compete after racing in a World Cup race in Quebec City. One of the people expected to compete is an Olympic medalist.

Shea:" One of the people who we are looking forward to the most is Jessie Diggins who won gold in South Korea with her partner Kikkan Randall last winter in 2018."