Making Do: UMFK Track Successful without Traditional Facilities

FORT KENT, Me. (WAGM) - UMFK is in the first year of their program and they're doing quite well. Last week at Thomas College they won five events...with just eight athletes. And what makes their success even more remarkable? They don't have any traditional track facilities.

"It's a challenge, we get excited about challenges though," Head Coach Matt Dyer said.

No indoor track. No outdoor infrastructure.

"We use the basketball court. So we have, you can see we have cones set up, for about four laps around it, is one lap around an actual track," Senior Joseph Enerva said, describing the facility.

But a basketball court is not the same material as an outdoor track

"I'm used to jumping off of grass or the chevron so to train on the basketball court, it's really hard," Freshman Ajay Thompson said. "I got shin splints from training on the basketball court but our athletic trainer helps out with that so I can't complain."

For Joseph Enerva who participates in shot put and javelin, his training, is a lot of banging against the wall.

"Our throwing room, it's small," Enerva said. "You kinda hit the wall every time so that's something we need to work on because we can't really measure our distances on that."

Seems like a lot of hurdles to jump over, right? Well this isn't coach Matt Dyer's first rodeo.

"I was at Elms (College) for six years, I started a new program over there," Dyer said. "That experience making due with what we had and kind of utilizing the turf field or indoor facilities. I've done it before without the ideal track and field setup with having a track outside or an indoor track and field."

All the hard work, overcoming injuries and the hurdles of not having traditional facilities comes to a head this weekend when the team heads to Burlington, Vermont for the USCAA Championships.