Malone is ready for her first Boston Marathon

A Caribou runner will be competing in the Boston Marathon for the first time on Monday. Katie Malone started running about six years ago and is very excited to be competing in one of the world's most famous marathons.
Malone:" I am really excited. It has been a dream of mine for a couple of years now. Just the hard work I have put into it and it is the pinnacle. I have done three marathons now. I qualified at my third marathon and it has been a journey and I am just over the moon excited."

Everyone agrees that training for Boston this year was very difficult.

Malone:" There has been really cold temperatures and we have had a ton of snow. I did a lot of on the treadmill at NMCC. I have done quite a bit outside as well. It has just been being from the County a part of it. You get through it."

While it is her first time competing this won't be the first time that Malone has been to the Boston Marathon. She and her family were there cheering on their father Ed when she was much younger

Malone:" I was about 7 years old and I remember making signs for him and remember the crowds. He has been an inspiration to me also to run."

Katie got started in running about six years ago starting with the Couch to 5 k program and then getting hooked and working her way up to other distances

Malone:" The couch to 5 k is like a walk to run program. You do like 30 seconds walking and 30 seconds running so you kind of build up. I did the nine week program."

Malone recommends that program to anyone who is looking to become more active. She says it helped her develop her love of running

Malone:" Something I do six days a week. It is something that if you have a bad day go for a run and it is a good day. It is the best thing I ever stuck with and I am so happy right now to say I am going to the Boston Marathon. It is something that I am so proud of honestly."