Mark Rossignol named Maine Sports Legend

Van Buren native Mark Rossignol will be recognized on Sunday for his work with injured athletes. Rossignol will be one of three people from this area who will be recognized as Maine Sports Legends. Also being recognized will be Dick Cormer posthumously and long time Caribou tennis coach John Habeeb. We will talk to Habeeb later this week. Rossignol says he was surprised and happy to be told he was being honored.

"I am happy that I helped some athletes in some way to help them get back to doing the thing they love."

Rossignol the owner of County Physical Therapy operates five clinics in the County and works with injured athletes and also with Athletes on conditioning and strength. He has been doing this for 33 years.

Rossignol:" My training at the University of Vermont Burlington. I did a lot of sports medicine and knee rehab. We were able to continue here in the County. Grow our practice and give other folks around here. Kids and and students opportunities to become part of the Physical Therapy profession and giving them a place to work."

Rossignol says that working with injured athletes and watching them return to action is very satisfying and gratifying

Rossignol:" When you see a kid that tore and acl and you tell them that they are out for their senior year or their whole basketball year. They are in a private exam room in tears and devastated. The process of them getting through it all that is very gratifying. You kind of get worried when they get back on the court and that is all part of it."

Rossignol also works with athletes conditioning and works to try to make them stronger faster and more agile....He takes pride in the amount of athletes CPT has worked with and the number of people who have worked at his locations. Those are the things he is most proud of and will think about when he is introduced on Sunday.

Rossignol:" Help patients get better and help inspire others including therapists that I have worked and trainers and patients with to be the best they can be. Move ahead and learn from a potential devastating injury. Motivate them to continue to improve themselves personally as well as athletically."