Matt's Fantasy Football Minute: Week 3

PRESQUE ISLE, Me. (WAGM) - Week 3, how are we feeling? You have a two and O team, you're high fiving yourself thinking you are king of the castle. One and one, eh the ball didn't bounce your way one week, but your faith is strong. O and two? RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS! THIS TEAM IS A DUMPSTER FIRE. Whoa, whoa pump the brakes, all is not lost. There is so much season left, but man O and three would be real ugly. So let's avoid that, I've got four pick-ups so you can win your league this Sunday.

Oh man, I miss him. Give him back San Francisco! Since we in New England will no longer see Jimmy Garoppolo in the red white and blue, utilizing him in the red and white this weekend. Kansas City's defense is the worst in the NFL, the worst! This game should be a shootout and Jimmy G is in line for a big day.

A big part of fantasy is keeping your eye on the health of starting RBs and pouncing on their replacements. I did it last week and it didn't really pan out. Seriously, do less TJ Yeldon. But I'm diving right back in and picking up Gio Bernard. Joe Mixon is down and out this week for the Bengals and Cincinnati has looked pretty darn efficient this year on offense. Gio catches the ball out of the backfield and should see a large workload on Sunday against Carolina.

This next guy may have you saying, geez Matt when did you hop in a time machine, it ain't 2015 anymore. But I say, not so fast, Brandon Marshall may be in his twilight years, but he's seen 12 targets in two games and has a touchdown. Russell Wilson is too good of a QB not to put up big numbers and with Doug Baldwin out, Marshall will be in line to see more targets and I predict he score at LEAST one touchdown this week. The Seahawks started with two top defenses in Denver and Chicago, put it politely, stinks. Start Marshall.

Tight end is slowly becoming the bane of my existence. The Yoko Ono of my fantasy team. It's tearing me apart! But this is my week! This is my guy! Jesse James of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has a solid relationship with Big Ben and the Steelers have already proved that they are willing to air it out. James is second in the league in receiving yardage, while I don't think he'll repeat last week's five reception 138 yard performance, he should provide value in a position which has underperformed this season.

That's all for this week's edition of Matt's Fantasy Football Minute. Remember, if these guys work out, give me a high-five, if they don't, well, I didn't MAKE you start them.