McAvoy will be inducted into Maine Basketball Hall of Fame

Longtime basketball coach Bill McAvoy will be inducted into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame on Sunday. McAvoy was a tremendous high school player leading Sherman to an undefeated Class S State Championship in 1967 and then after school consolidation led Katahdin to an undefeated regular season in 1968. He also played at Unity College where he was a Maine College All Star three times. He said he is very excited to be recognized on Sunday.

Billy McAvoy:" I am tickled pink. I have got Mom and Dad up above and my Grammy B and I know they are looking down. I can see Grammy now just a grinning and she will without a doubt be there. "

McAvoy has spent nearly 50 years either playing or coaching basketball for most of the last 40 years he has been roaming the sidelines teaching basketball and life lessons

McAvoy:" They taught me an awful lot. We needed each other. I think that is one of the biggest things I can look back on. I have a lot of knocks on the door from kids that played for me 10 15 20 years ago.

McAvoy has coached at CAHS, Katahdin and SAHS during his career. He said one of the things he learned early was that not everyone was going to agree with your coaching moves

McAvoy:" You better be pretty thick skinned because no matter what happens you could go 18 and 0 and win the State, but you are not going to please everybody. I think overall I had a very good relationship with the kids."

A trademark of McAvoy's team was their preparation and work ethic

McAvoy:" I am firm believer that what you lack in basketball ability you can make up with a lot of hard work. A lot of times you may not win the score, but you win the battle."

McAvoy says that his wife Sue has been there through it all supporting him and cheering him on.

McAvoy:" Every night I would get home at 10 or 11 o'clock from away games and the first thing she said was how did you do. We would sit down and talk about the game and
how the kids played."

He said he will be honored to join such an exclusive club on Sunday.

McAvoy:" To have your name called because you never thought this was going to happen. I never did Rene I just wanted to do a good job with the kids I had and go from there."