Michaud All American: Hudson and Ezzy All New England

Presque Isle senior Madison Michaud became the school's first All American Soccer Player. Michaud is one of three girls who were voted All Americans. Michaud said she was very surprised by the honor.

Madison Michaud:" I was really honored to even be considered to be an All American."

Michaud had an outstanding High School career, but she also feels that traveling downstate to play on a traveling team helped get her additional exposure.

(Madison Michaud):" I think it had a lot to do with the stats, but it had to do a lot with how I traveled downstate to play soccer. You need a lot of south coach votes to receive All American."

Michaud helped lead the Wildcats to back to back Regional Championships. Her Coach Ralph Michaud says she earned the right to be called All American.

(Ralph Michaud):" Since girls soccer started in Maine there's been roughly 13 thousand players and she is fifth all time leading scorer with 122 goals. She deserves to be an All American."

The veteran coach says that Michaud put up big numbers from her freshman year and continued to improve

Michaud:" Every year she got better. She scored 25 goals her freshman year, 27 her sophomore year, 34 her junior year and 36 her senior year. It's not like she was a secret to teams after her freshmen year all the teams we played knew her and she worked on her game."

Madison was one of three players named All American. Former Caribou resident Kassie Krul also earned the award along with Kristina Kelly both of Camden Hills.

Michaud:" Kassie and I have played soccer together since we were five years old and all three of us played on the same travel team throughout High School."

Her Coach says that he will be very proud to see Madison's name on display in the Wildcats gym.

Michaud:" Her name will be up on the wall forever as an All American.Quite a tribute to her."

Two other players achieved All New England status. Alex Ezzy of Caribou and Jonah Hudson of Presque Isle were both recognized..
(Alex Ezzy):" I didn't know because I thought I would be told before so it was a surprise. I told myself I am not going to be getting this see who is getting this and be proud for them. I heard my name and heard them talking about me and I was like wow."

(Jonah Hudson):"Sometimes when you play defense you don't get the stats to show for your effort, but it was cool to be recognized for being a fullback. There were a lot of back recognized that day and that was pretty cool."

Both Ezzy and Hudson had excellent careers and led their teams into the playoffs this year. Both players says that while they were the ones recognized they couldn't have done it without their teammates

Ezzy:" I want to thank all my teammates and coaches and anyone who I really worked with over the past four years. Every workout I have done and I wouldn't be able to do it without them."

Hudson:" The team getting recognized for winning the State Championship. I think without winning the State Championship I don't know if I would be recognized with the award. I got the thank my teammates for putting me in positions to be successful and my coaches too."