Mike Thurston game winning shot from 1969

It is only fitting that the Caribou Vikings are going after a gold ball this year. The last time the Vikings captured the State title was back in 1969. That was the year that Mike Thurston hit the shot heard around the State. I went back into the time machine to 2009. That was the 40th anniversary of the championship. This is what Mike Thurston and others had to say about that famous shot.

The Caribou
Vikings were the cardiac kids in 1969 last second wins over John

Bapst and Lawrence in the Eastern Maine tournament and then this shot by Mike Thurston to win the State Championship

Thurston sot" I remember our big boy Peter Curran rebounded the basketball knowing there wasn't to much time left I clapped my hands for the ball and I shot the basketball from five or six feet behind the line and remember thinking in the air if this thing is long enough it has a chance of going in lo and behold it went in and Charlie Katsiaficas called it good and it was just bedlam"

vo: Dewey Dewitt was broadcasting the game on radio and remembers the shot like it was yesterday.

Dewitt sot:" I can see that picture now in my mind. For a second I didn't realize the ball went through the hoop because I am thinking overtime and then zing caribou wins it ... That was a great day for sports in Maine."

vo: There were many heroes in the run to the state title that year, Mike Kelley hit the game winning shot with 12 seconds to play in the Eastern Maine game against Lawrence.

Kelley sot:" probably the way we came back in the last three games. Being down so much that was probably the biggest thing everybody played an important part and it could'n't have been done by one individual."

vo: Kelley and Thurston both say they were treated like royalty on the trip home

Kelley sot:" all the way up through the county from houlton all the way. We had to stop in every town and display the state trophy it was quite a memory."

Thurston sot:" We were treated like kings we had a motorcade going through the town we had a reception that was just unsurpassed. A local clothing story gave us all state championship jackets there were signs in every window on the main street and it was just wonderful it was great."

vo :basketball has been a big part of Thurston's life from playing to officiating to watching his children play the game . he says he has gotten a lot of mileage out of one shot

Thurston sot :"i will be the first one to tell you it has been a wonderful thing to have happened I enjoy talking it and reliving it whenever I can"