Miracle Mile continues to grow

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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - The sixth annual Miracle Mile is taking place in Houlton. News Source 8's Ben Ezzy met with event organizers and has the details.

(Kirk WARD) "The support is just tremendous. It seems year after year our numbers keep growing."

Kirk Ward is talking about the LP Miracle Mile, McKenna and Maggie's Race for Research. The event is taking place in Houlton for the sixth year in a row, and it continues to grow.

(Chris RINES) "It's a name that's really become part of the community, part of Midnight Madness, and the rest of the festivities that celebrate the Fourth of July here in Houlton."

The Miracle Mile was established in 2013 by Ward and friends, to honor their daughter, McKenna, who lost her battle to Neuroblastoma at the age of six. The race also honors another young girl, Maggie, who is dealing with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a childhood blood disorder.

(Rines) "One of my best memories was that we had run out of the bibs that we had ordered. We were ripping little pieces of paper off trying to write more bibs numbers for people. And then coming home after the race had wrapped up and breaking down into tears about how many people we had, just the community that came together. It's quite powerful."

Ward says he is thankful for that continued community support.

(Ward) "People really care. People want to help and people want to give and extend a hand, and so we're so grateful. We never take it for granted. Never. In fact, it went from really no sponsorship to now our own corporate sponsor, Louisiana Pacific, LP. And they've supported us for the last five years."

The race starts at the top of Drake's Hill, and finishes in Market Square as part of the Midnight Madness celebration, and both Ward and Rines are excited.

(Ward) "We're hoping for a record year this year, so we can extend that gift towards our foundations."

(Rines) "It's pretty chaotic down at the finish line, having 200-300 people come across the line all in 5-10 minutes."

Reporting in Houlton, Ben Ezzy, News Source 8.