Moose tagging stations have a busy Tuesday

The second day of the moose hunt and once again a challenging day for the hunters. From the heat of yesterday to the rain of today. The hunt started out slow but is beginning to pick up
Lee Kantar):"It has picked up a little bit. We tagged a few this morning from last night and we are starting to get a trickle in today. "

Kantar the Moose Specialist with Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says the slow start to the season on Monday wasn't a concern as much as the extremely warm temperatures were.

Kantar:" My biggest concern when the weather is warm is meat care. Making sure that people can maintain the highest meat quality. Yesterday was a real warm day and this whole week is actually pretty warm It is really important for hunters to take care of their moose in getting it out of the woods.

The number of permits has been increased in the County. Kantar says the department continues to do research on the herd.

Kantar:"We do the moose check in the September and October seasons especially up north here. We are taking antler measurements and taking information on weight and take a tooth to get an age on them.
Students at the University of Maine Fort Kent are assisting at the Fort Kent tagging station.

(Jacob Boucher):" I am a Environmental Studies student. and helping with the moose hunt gives us hands on experience. Our UMFK program is really good. It gives us practical experience in the field. We are helping them pull the tooth and taking blood samples for surveillance and the spreads and helping in any way we can.
Here are the numbers
Ashland 24
Fort Kent 29
Littleton 3
Mt Chase 4
Presque Isle 4
Van Buren 1