Mother Daughter Softball Game

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - It was a beautiful summer night at the Presque Isle softball field. Sun still high in the sky with a nice breeze cooling off the warm July temperature. The perfect night for a Ponytail league softball game. This game, however, had the highest of bragging rights on the line: mother versus daughter.

"It's a great bonding experience, we get to hang out and we get to hang out with all of our friends and all the moms and get to take these little kids down a little." Softball mother, Jody Shaw said with an arm wrapped around her daughter Samantha.

Samantha was having none of that talk.

"We're going to get 20 points," Samantha said. "You guys will only get one."

The competitive fires were fueled, but at the end of the day, it was all about having fun.

"It's really important just because the girls obviously love this game and it's great to share this bond between a child and their parent." Coach Megan Seward said.