Mulcahy will run with the Elite runners in Boston.

Monday will be a big day for Fort Kent's Sarah Mulcahy. She has been given Elite Runner Status and will be leaving with the best runners in the world.
Sarah Mulcahy:" My first thought was I probably don't belong with this group. We are talking about the winners of the Boston Marathon not necessarily me from Fort Kent Maine. I am highly honored and feel overwhelmed to be representing Maine in the Elite group."

It has been a tough for distance runners in this area. We talked to Mulcahy back in December as she trained on a very cold day.She says she is not heading into this race with high expectations

Mulcahy:" It has been a tough winter for training. Getting outside has been really difficult. I go out in a lot of conditions and it has been really challenging with cleats and then you are stuck on the treadmill. I have had iffy calves so I have been babying them. I have been taking it one day at a time."

Mulcahy met the US Olympic trial qualifying standard in California last December. That performance helped earn her the Elite runner status. St Agatha native Tracy Guerrette who finished 25th in the race last year gave some advice to Mulcahy about leaving with the elite group.

Mulcahy:" She said to enjoy the experience and that is what I am going to do. No time goals for me I am just going to enjoy it."

The Fort Kent High School teach will take this in as another great running experience. I asked if she was going to sprint at the beginning to say she was the race leader of the Boston Marathon

Mulcahy:" I don't plan on leading the first ten seconds. A four minute mile is not in my goal. Just another experience. Just soak it all in because I may never in my life go out with the elite the best of the best runners that you watch on TV. You may never get that chance again. I am going to take a solid stride and just enjoy being a part of it."