Muskie Derby is underway

The anglers are on the St John River and it's tributaries again this weekend in a quest for some big fish. The annual Muskie Derby is now underway and again the event is bringing in people from all over to try to land a monster fish.
Denis Cyr:" It is going to be the same as it has been in the past between 300 and 400 anglers again. We see people from away just this morning coming in. Water levels(Fort Kent) appear to be pretty good and fishing has been good. We already have quite a bit of muskie coming in."

Cyr said that the anglers were staying pretty quiet throughout the summer trying to keep their favorite spot a secret,

Cyr:" We can see they have gone to their favorite spots and caught some nice fish."

(Grand Isle):Most of the action has been in the Grand Isle Van Buren area. Grand Isle had six of the first eight muskie registered. This is Hunter Searles bringing in a muskie he caught this morning

(Hunter Searles):" I was very surprised this morning. We thought we caught bottom because we were fishing in 12 feet of water. When we got it on the line we were just shocked we couldn't believe we had a fish on."

Searles says this is the largest muskie he has ever landed

Searles:" It is the biggest one I have ever caught. I caught one a couple of years ago that was 41 and a half and 19 and a half pound. "

Searles didn't take any time to celebrate the big catch. He weighed and registered the fish and is ready to get back on the water.

Searles:" We go back fishing. Got two more days."