NFL Quick Picks Week 16

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(WAGM) - It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. I ended up defeating Mark Faulkngham of Houlton last week. In the overall picks I had 11 right and Mark had 9 correct in the on air picks I had 6 and had 5 right.
This week a familiar name on the Northern Maine Community College campus is my opponent. Tom Richard is the Director of the Smith Wellness Center on campus. He just celebrated his birthday on the shortest day of the year and also is celebrating the Sox big signing of Mitch Moreland to a two year contract.

We both think that New England will stop the Bills
He says the Browns have to a game at some point and he wants to be the one to pick them he is taking Cleveland over Chicago I am taking the Bears
We both think that Baltimore will stop the Colts and the Vikings will beat the Packers.
I am taking Jacksonville and Tom is taking San Francisco
We both think that Kansas City will stop Miami
I am taking New Orleans and Tom is picking Atlanta
I am taking Pittsburgh and Tom thinks they will have let down after last week's game so he is picking the Houston Texans
All of the picks are posted to my Rene Cloukey WAGM TV Professional Facebook page. Enoy all the action