New Football field being constructed

The Aroostook Huskies Football Club will have a new home in the coming years. If you have driven on route one between Presque Isle and Caribou you would have noticed the construction going for most of the summer and fall. The snow covers it now, but down the road that field will host the Huskies for games and practices.
Stu Wyckoff:" We have never had our own field and it really limited us in what we could do. We have rented space over at the Caribou Recreation Department for several years. They have their own programs and that limited our field time. When they did their construction in Caribou there was no room for us at all and we had no place to go. That was the inspiration for doing this project."

Wyckoff and the Board of Directors had another site picked out several years ago, but they were not able to build on that site, but perseverance paid off

Wyckoff:" What happened was when things fell through with the National Guard several years ago. We were able to swap that land with McCain's for the piece of land we had now. We got the permits we needed and it is pretty much done."

They received several donations and also worked closely with some contractors who worked at a discount to make the field a reality and the goal is to expand programs.

Wyckoff:" We want to expand our flag football program we have been doing. Have more practice time for our Middle School and High School programs. We needed a home. When we are up and running we will look at rugby in the spring and maybe a girls program."

Wyckoff doesn't think they will be able to get on the field at all in 2109.

Wyckoff:" The problem right now is the grass got planted late. We didn't get much of a growing season because of the freaky weather. We will play it by ear."

Build it and they will come. Wyckoff says he would like to see the program grow, but they have been successful even without a permanent home

Wyckoff:" We had over 100 kids involved in our program. We have become sort of a big deal there are not a lot of programs that have over a 100 kids involved and we are one of them."