New Turf in Presque Isle

It's full steam ahead on renovations to the Dr Gehrig Johnson Athletic Complex.
Mark White:" The complex is going under some major renovations. First of all we are replacing the turf. The previous turf field was 13 year old and it was time for a change. They do have a life on the turf fields."

Tearing up the old turf and installing the new turf is tedious work and will take about two and a half weeks. The same company manufactured both the old turf and the new turf, but there will be some differences

White:" The turf field industry has really changed. While this is the same company it is a different type of turf. There is a different weave in the back. It might be a little bit longer and the turf fields have evolved and are more sport specific. This one is soccer specific you might get a different weave if you were doing something like football ir field hockey."

The Presque Isle Athletic Administrator says that as soon as the turf is installed they will start playing on it.

White:" They encourage us to get right on it. Get some of the black beads worked in and some of the sand and get right on it."

While the workers continue installing the turf construction is also being down to expand the bathroom facilities and the boosters concession area

White:" First and foremost this is for the benefit of our fan base, but certainly now that we are hosting State Finals and this year hosting Regional soccer finals. We are planning on big crowds. and all of this will make it more efficient and a better experience for people coming in."

It will be a busy year at the complex and while Presque Isle wants to be ready to host the Regionals in late October White also says that fans will be able to enjoy regular season games on the turf before that.

White:" The field will be ready for the Regional Championships, but we are also look to get right on it August 19th when soccer season opens up."