North Yarmouth Travels to the County

The High School basketball season starts in two weeks. Teams began practicing last Monday and over the next two weeks coaches and players will be spending a lot of time together as they prepare for the start of the season. Many teams take part in the preseason tournaments as a warm up to the start of the year. There are also times that coaches look to hit the road to give their teams a chance to bond and see another part of the State. Presque Isle High School grad Jason Knight is the coach of North Yarmouth Academy and for the second time in three years he has brought his team to the County both for the experience and see a part of the state that many of them had never visited.
Jason Knight):" We did a poll before we got on the bus most of the guys except for a couple had never been north of Bangor. Seeing things like Mt Katahdin on the way up and some of these County schools is new, but the boys are excited. They are embracing it a chance to get on the road together and make some chemistry."

Te'Andre King is one of the leaders on the team. The Junior made the trip two years ago and told the younger players this trip would be a great chance to learn more about each other

(Te'Andre King):" I told them my first year coming on the trip was a fun experience. It was good to know the older guys and have better experience with them and connect as a team."

Elliott Oney has made many trips to the County. His grandparents live in Limestone and his father went to Limestone High School. He is one of the freshmen on the team and five hours on the bus means a lot of time to learn about each other

(Elliott Oney):" We had some pretty good bonding time on the bus and learned a lot about each other. It was a good chance to get to know each other and it was fun."

Knight said this year's team is completely different than the team that made the trip two years ago.

Knight:"Team chemistry and bonding was a good reason to make the trip. We had success two years ago. This year we have a different group. We have seven freshmen this year compared to seven seniors before. It is a culture shock most of these players have not been north of Bangor. It is a good time to see some County basketball and get away from everything."

North Yarmouth Academy has games in Caribou, Presque Isle and Houlton over the next two days.Knight attributes the trip to County as one of the reasons for NYA's success two years ago.

Knight:" There is no question we had the best season for NYA basketball had in 11 years as a result of our trip up here. It was a great catalyst to start the season and what was a nice run for us two years ago."