Over 100 female coaches attend coaching clinic

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 10:44 AM EDT
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Over 100 women attending a virtual basketball seminar hosted by Maine Coach Amy Vachon and other female college and High School coaches from around the State. Ashland coach Diana Trams was one of the participants and she was impressed with the interest in the event.

It was really great to see because sometimes you feel you are on your own or are a little bit isolated, but to be able to connect with so many different coaches on so many levels. From working with the youth to high school programs college coaches and college players who are now assistant coaches. Hearing different perspectives."

What did you walk away from that meeting just a little re energized.

I think everyone felt the energy and there are so many coaches out there that have so much knowledge and expertise and bring that energy to the game."

Do you think that more women will get involved in coaching basketball or some other sport.

I think the trend is there are more women getting involved in leadership positions in different arenas, but for some reason in sports it is on the decline. Just kind of looking into what might be factoring into that and how can we support coaches.

Did you expect so many people on the zoom session.

I think I expected in the realm of 50 but to have more than 100 and to have so many different perspectives and different people participating. To hear the coach at the University of Southern Maine and hear her experience with basketball. Everyone shared a little bit about what their experience was like playing and how they got involved in coaching. For me the really important takeaway was there was so much available for resources that maybe you don't think about because you haven't been connected until this point.

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