Owls Ski teams looking for State success

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The Madawaska ski teams had success at the State Championships last year. Isabelle Jandreau won the State Class C title and both the boys and girls finished second in the team competition. Coach Colin Jandreau says the team is looking forward to the year.
(Colin Jandreau):" I am really excited about the year. We have four seniors on our team. A nice group of sophomores a couple new juniors who joined the team and incoming freshmen. We are excited about the season and the snow has been good so we can't complain."

The Owls teams are both working hard as they focus on February. They have been on snow since the opening day of practice

(Donna Morin):"The early snow really helps it got us prepared for this year. We trained hard the first months got our conditioning and then we are getting ready.

(Ryan Levesque):" We tend to practice a lot and that is a great idea. We are just a family."

Jandreau:" Our team isn't that large, but we have a solid core of girls skiers and we are hoping the four key skiers can come together to have a really successful year. The boys we have a returning senior this year. In addition to that we have six other athletes so the boys side is encouraging as well with some young sophomores coming up."

Isabelle Jandreau has been the team's leading skier competing for State honors each and every year. The defending State Champion says that she is looking forward to the team having another successful season.

(Isabelle Jandreau):" I think it is going to be exciting we are a little older this year. We are really close to each other and we have a good time."

The Owls have built a ski tradition over the years and that is thanks in part to the support of the community.

Jandreau:" We have a really good facility and a lot of people who work really really hard to get the young kids out on skis. I think it helps to keep them trying it in their middle school and high school years."