Panthers Win Regional Title in extra innings

The CAHS Panthers picked up an exciting 9-8 win over Hodgdon on Tuesday night.

The Panthers built up a huge lead, but the Hawks kept fighting back and took the lead in the top of the eighth inning. The Panthers came back in the bottom of the inning and picked up the victory and their first Regional title since 2010.

(Lane Grass): " It was really cool being with that last pitch because I have been hit 15 times this season and hit three times yesterday. It felt really good. I got a black and blue award so it felt good getting hit again and I was like we are just going to the States now."

(Mitchell Ross:" Same thing over and over even in the late innings. They never believe they are out of the ball game. They just have a will to win that I have not seen before."

(Brandon Wood):" I was very nervous, but kept myself composed and I had complete faith in my team and I knew we were going to win there was no doubt in my mind."

(Ben Thomas:" It felt pretty amazing. Coach has been telling us all year to refuse to lose and that is what we did we never gave up."